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Name Harral, Ernest

Associated Records

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.14

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.14

Ernest and Thelma Harral sitting on sofa (are mature adults). He is wearing suit and tie. She is wearing dark dress, rope beads, and glasses.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.1

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.1

Ernest and Thelma Harral standing on porch at Cap Hansen's rooming house in Monticello. They moved to the rooming house from Summit Point in 1933 and stayed about one year then moved into a house across the street. He is wearing suit, tie, and cap. Her dress is "waltz length", and she is holding purse.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.4

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.4

Ernest Harral, at age 18, in Fort Worth, Texas when he was working as a guard in 1919 transporting money from one bank to another in a wagon. He is standing by wagon, and is wearing bib overalls and hat with an emblem. The wagon has a roof and high box seat. Two other men and two horses in photo.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.10

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.10

Ernest Harral standing in front of his horse team, Brick and Balley, at Summit Point, Utah -- circa 1934. The horses are wearing harnesses; trees in background.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.12

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.12

Ernest Harral, son of Sophia Elizabeth Miller and William Elijah Harral, was born May 20, 1901 at Cave City, Arkansas. In photo he is about 24 years old, and is wearing double-breasted suit and shirt with big, starched collar. He is holding his hat and is standing in front of bushes. He died August 19, 1981.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.15

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.15

Thelma and Ernest Harral at the wedding of their granddaughter, Terry hunt, on August 1, 1981. They are "dressed" for the occasion and are standing in front of window drapes. Terry Hunt is daughter of Redd and Vanita Harral Hunt. Ernest died August 19, 1981.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.16

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.16

Brick and Balley, harnessed and wearing blinders, with Ernest Harral almost hidden behind them holding the reins. Ernest and his horse team built roads throughout the county, including Goulding's Trading Post area in Monument Valley.

Image of d Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.18

d Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.18

Brick and Balley (Ernest Harral's horse team) walking away from the camera. Ernest is holding reins but only his arm shows in photo.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.20

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.20

Vanita Harral Hunt (l-r), Thelma Harral, Ernest Harral, and Patricia Harral Tabet sitting on sofa at Harral home. They are wearing casual clothes.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.21

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.21

Small house built by Ernest Harral behind the Harral home in Monticello, circa 1956, as rental unit during the "oil boom". Ernest is standing at left side of house.

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.23

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.23

Ernest and Thelma Harral at their 50th Wedding Anniversary party at the San Juan County Library in Monticello in 1974. The guests sitting behind them are (l-r) James Barry, Alvin Black, Carlos Starkey, and (standing) Marion Miller.

Image of San Juan County Historical Commission - 5090.173

San Juan County Historical Commission - 5090.173

Ater a successful hunt, Ernest Harral of Monticello, Utah poses with his rifle and carcass of a deer hanging from a tree.