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Name Wagons - Utility

Associated Records

Image of Allred, Maxine Bailey - 5005.1

Allred, Maxine Bailey - 5005.1

Harvesting at Summit Point -- horse drawn equipment.

Image of Bailey, June Scheckler - 5009.1

Bailey, June Scheckler - 5009.1

Fred Sheckler family on east Summit Point hauling water using horse drawn wagon. Six people in photo, plus water tank, water line and pump, water barrel on wagon, team of horses, and another horse (or mule). They had to travel three miles to the United States Government Works Project Administration well. Photo circa mid 1930's.

Image of Barton, Willie Frost - 5012.29

Barton, Willie Frost - 5012.29

Combining in 1930s: Clarence Alfred Frost is on top of the wagon in the middle; other workers not identified.

Image of Barton, Willie Frost - 5012.75

Barton, Willie Frost - 5012.75

Sheep in corral at La Sal, Utah. Old wagon in background. Front sheep (long and wooly) looks as if it might be a Navajo Sheep.

Image of Evans, Donald & Virginia D. - 5028.3

Evans, Donald & Virginia D. - 5028.3

Hauling hay with team of horses -- east of Monticello.

Image of Evans, Donald & Virginia D. - 5028.14

Evans, Donald & Virginia D. - 5028.14

"On road to Indian Creek with Woods brothers" -- per John Huffman diary -- March 1916. (Photo includes several wagons and horse teams, and lots of desert.)

Image of Foy, Claude & Vera Palmer - 5029.74

Foy, Claude & Vera Palmer - 5029.74

Timber workers on Blue Mountain, early 1900s or late 1890s. Shupe (ox driver) is on the left. Photo includes oxen, wagon, four people and trees.

Image of Foy, Claude & Vera Palmer - 5029.93

Foy, Claude & Vera Palmer - 5029.93

Haying near Monticello in 1900s. Photo includes horse team, hay wagon being loaded, and three men.

Image of Foy, Claude & Vera Palmer - 5029.108

Foy, Claude & Vera Palmer - 5029.108

Mexican Hat Rock with wagons and riders in foreground.

Image of Frost, Kent & Fern - 5031.58

Frost, Kent & Fern - 5031.58

Don Barton with pieces of a wagon at Slick Rock Hill in 1959. He is wearing plaid shirt, cowboy hat, and levis. Photo taken by Chuck Shelton for use in "Desert" magazine.

Image of Frost, Kent & Fern - 5031.75

Frost, Kent & Fern - 5031.75

Remains of a wagon strewn on desert atop Grey Mesa on Mormon Trail. Photo taken by Helen Owens in June, 1959, on a Kent Frost Tour.

Image of Frost, Kent & Fern - 5031.154

Frost, Kent & Fern - 5031.154

Heber H. Frost, with his brother Clarence Alfred Frost, furnished transportation for Dr. Byron Cummings, University of Utah, on a 1914 scientific expedition. Photo shows their camp at Hatch Wash (between Thompson and Monticello). Clarence Frost (left), Professor Cummings, and in middle at back is Heber Frost. Others in photo are probably students of Cummings. Wagons, animals, and desert hillside in photo which is captioned "Modern Transportation between Thompson and Monticello in 1914".

Image of Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.4

Harral, Thelma F. - 5036.4

Ernest Harral, at age 18, in Fort Worth, Texas when he was working as a guard in 1919 transporting money from one bank to another in a wagon. He is standing by wagon, and is wearing bib overalls and hat with an emblem. The wagon has a roof and high box seat. Two other men and two horses in photo.

Image of Huffman, John - 5040.5

Huffman, John - 5040.5

Horse teams pulling wagons (one covered and two open) across desert terrain. Caption on photo: "March 1916 on way to Indian Creek".

Image of Nielson, Richard & Garda - 5063.2

Nielson, Richard & Garda - 5063.2

Three photos: (top) Hauling oil supplies into Bluff. (Side) Drilling artesian well in Bluff -- 90 gallon/minute; sandstone cliffs in background. (Bottom) Drilling another artesian well with people around drilling rig, plus house and cliffs in background.

Image of Redd, Charles & Annaley - 5065.74

Redd, Charles & Annaley - 5065.74

Suspension bridge across the San Juan River at Mexican Hat, Utah. There are three or four people in the photo, plus wagon and horse. Bridge looks quite new.

Image of Redd, Charles & Annaley - 5065.86

Redd, Charles & Annaley - 5065.86

Full load of hay on wagon hitched to team of horses in Bluff. There is one man on hay load and another in front of horse team. Colt in photo, and trees in background.

Image of Redd, Charles & Annaley - 5065.155

Redd, Charles & Annaley - 5065.155

George White standing in wagon with white horse team pulling. They are behind a pole fence at La Sal.

Image of Redshaw, Herbert - 5070.10

Redshaw, Herbert - 5070.10

Hauling sheep across San Juan River at Shiprock, New Mexico, after bridge washed out October 16, 1911. Herbert Redshaw driving one four-horse team. (Photo includes 10-15 people, two wagons, and team of horses.)

Image of Redshaw, Herbert - 5070.12

Redshaw, Herbert - 5070.12

Hauling coal to Shiprock from Hogback Mine. Four - 4 horse teams with trail wagons in lead. Rest single teams and wagons. Herbert Redshaw in lead. (Includes 14 teams and wagons.)